RFID Tools


In general a RFID-system contains of the following components:

  • Reading-/ writingtool
  • Antennas
  • Transponder

The transponder itself consists of the following components:

  • Antenna
  • Chip
  • Body

To enable a RFID-identification, the goods, which should be identified by data, have to be equipped qith a transponder, which can react on the request of a reader. That happens via radiocommunication which explains the name of the system and what does provide, that no direct contact between transponder and reader must exist. Besides there are further components, which are used according to the system.

RFID-technology enables to transfer information of goods without contact. Therefore it does not act a part whether the goods are cars, clothes or food. Additionally it is possible to place so called RFID-Tags  on anmimals and human beings respectively under their skin and to save information.