Datalogic Gryphon I GD4500

Ergonomic scanner for every area of usage

Thanks to its outstanding design, ergonomics and broad feature set, the Gryphon GD4500 product series from Datalogic represents the premium level of handheld scanners for general purpose applications. The device captures 1D, 2D and optionally Digimarc barcodes at a rapid pace. The retail POS-checkout is its natural environment; however, a variety of options and its overall ruggedness open the door to specific, significant applications in manufacturing, healthcare, transportation and logistics verticals. Users’ productivity and performance is increased due to the high-resolution megapixel sensor for extraordinary reading results – coupled with the distinctive warm white illumination technology from Datalogic.

Thanks to excellent Motionix motion-sensing technology, the intuitive, easy to use GD4500 detects natural movements in fractions of a second and switches directly to the scan mode that is necessary – whether it is in the cradle or in manual mode. It provides superior scanning speed and depth of field, which helps during the capture of poorly readable or damaged barcodes. Operators will find the Gryphon GD4500 extremely easy and intuitive to use.