The new special material PEKOL® of DYNAMIC Systems GmbH defies even toughest environmental conditions and is therefore suitable for durable applications in- and outdoor. PEKOL® is fireproof up to 300°C and is resistant against chemicals. Next to a high mechanical stability and a high abrasion resistence the material is distignuished by extreme stability of dimension and is additionally longterm hydrose-solid. Therefore it is not only suitable for identification tasks, but also as constructive element for applications of every kind, where it is necessary to create surfaces abrasion-proof, to isolate thermal or electric or to protect against aggressive chemicals substances.

The hospital-center Avignon decided for the mobile printer QL220 Plus from Zebra for the complete integration into the laboratory.
The advantages of this system are:
• Information security: Due to the developed automation error rate is almost zero
• Better test process: The barcode-label provides a consistently traceability of information
• Comfort and efficiency: Faster test processes and analytical result and the standardization in all departments
• Financial savings: Error reduction, faster processes and less amount of studies provide real cost savings.