Hospital-center Avignon introduces automated, mobile solution from Zebra

Due to a new French guideline NF EN ISO 15189 for biomedical laboratories, hospitals and biological laboratories have to change their systems for the generation of prescriptions via EDV until 2016. Mistakes should be reduced and information security when removing biological tests should be increased. At the same tome confidentiality must be guaranteed.

The hospital-center Avignon decided for the mobile printer QL220 Plus from Zebra for the complete integration into the laboratory.
The advantages of this system are:
• Information security: Due to the developed automation error rate is almost zero
• Better test process: The barcode-label provides a consistently traceability of information
• Comfort and efficiency: Faster test processes and analytical result and the standardization in all departments
• Financial savings: Error reduction, faster processes and less amount of studies provide real cost savings.