For sure the correct label

Effective protection against warranty fraud, product counterfeiting, manipulation, incorrect product application and theft

DYNAMIC Systems offers a variety of standard and customized identification solutions of Brady, which meet the demand of product safety.

With the usage of these labels unnecessary expenditures can be avoided in the field of warranty frauds, product counterfeiting, product manipulation, incorrect product application and theft.

Water contact indication
With the label AquAlert can be proved, if water entered. Therefore warranty claims can be controlled or the evidence of design manipulation can be proved.


Label exchange
The special material of the label proves, whether the used label has been removed from the product and has additionally been stick on again.


Guarantee seal
This seal destroys itself by peeling off the object. These labels are used, to recognize product abuse, by masking off a screw hole.


Tracking of capital assets
Here labels can be used, which are hard to remove. A simple removing of the labels is not possible. Therefore these labels are especially suited for the identification of capital assets.

Control of distribution channels
In this field self-destroying labels can be used. The proof, whether an object has been signed already, therefore is clearly.

Packaging seal
The application field of this seal applies the closure of packages. When the label is damaged or cut through it is clear that the package has been opened.


Protective measure for fault handling
Therefore labels can be used, which seal a special part of the product and do scare off customers, to repair the product by themself.


Cargo control
At the cargo control of containers doors for example are sealed with forgery-proof labels. When the labels are removed or damaged it can be proofed, that the door of the container already has been opened.