Connected Masks -

Resuable and washable mouth-nose- protective masks with integrated RFID-transponder

The advantages of the usage of Connected masks are especially:

  • Cost reduction
  • Reducing of logistical flow and
  • Reducing of waste and consequently improvement of environment protection

The management cycle is as followed constructed:

  1. Equipment/ Installation at the customer
    The customer is equipped with Connected Masks. Additionally RFID-antennas with light leds, a 4G Reader kit and and a red and green sorting container are installed respectively provided.
  2. Control and sorting of masks according the number of washing processes
    An employee holds the masks on front of the installed RFID antenna and receives an information about the amount of washing processes. When the amount of washing processes is higher than the adjusted cylce, the mask is put in the red container, if not, the mask is put in the green container: In this case the mask can be used again.
  3. Classification / sorting in the laundry
    The masks are read out with the help of a 4G RFID scanner (100 masks in 5 seconds). The inventories are assigned automatically for the laundry or the user. The laundry has two RFID container:
    1.Dirty washing entry: automated counting of masks in huge masses and simulanteously fault signal, when disposing masks are in the wrong container.
    2. Dirty washing exit: the delivered customer is selected and the masks are defined automatically for the destination.
  4. Laundry-sorting-desk
    Here masks can be assorted, which have exceeded the permitted amount of washing processes.

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