Unlimited possibilities for the administration of devices in mobile applications

The SOTI Entreprise-Mobilitymanagement solution (EMM) offers companies unlimited possibilities to administrate mobile applications for every device, every form factor and every operating system. And that for the complete life cycle - from delivery up to decommissioning.

Following fields can be controlled optimally:

  • Aspects of mobility
  • Tracking of physical components
  • Administration of apps
  • Safe storage of devices and data

The complexity of administration of multiple systems, providers and applications is reduced significantly by the use of SOTI MobiControl.

Advantages of SOTI MobiControl:

  • Device management: With SOTI MobiControl you manage nearly all devices - from more than 140 different producers
  • Safety: Precise control of permissions, maximises the protection of mobile devices and ensures confident business information
  • Remote support: For site-independable simplification of communication, diagnostics and solution of problems with the equipment
  • Company integration: Extended safety functions according PCI, SOX and HIPAA Compliance-Standards
  • App-administration: With the company internal app-stores employees are always up-to-date with their mobile devices
  • Content administration: Reglementation of the accessable documents and monitoring of confident business information
  • Quick installation and implementation: Optimised configuration of mobile devices by automated account settings, applications, contents and VPN-settings
  • Enourmous scalability: Individual device-manamgenet-solution can be installed and scaled by MobiControl


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