Electronic identification with laser markable polyimide-film - durable and reliable

The material has a very strong high-temperature acrylate adhesive and is distinguished by a high physical and chemical durability appropriate to MIL-Std-2016. Additionally it fulfills specific requirements of automotive- and aerospace industry for labels. The polyimide is suitable for the marking of several laser types and facilitates a very good readability with a good background contrast even for very small markings with text, barcodes and graphics. Single arranged labels can be die-cut or the film can be cut with laser.

The polyimide is availble in two Versions: DE-F572 offers a White cover with high opacity. DE-F571 has a White undercoating with high opacity as well and additionally with a black, voltage discharging cover. That helps to protect electrostatic-sensitive machines and to reduces static charge, which has been produced in the application. 

Ideal for a permanenet and physical as well as chemical durable identification for demanding requirements e.g. in engine bay or in PCB production