RFID-Technology for steering-wheel and seat-heating

for automotive deliverer in high-quality class

RFID is not only suitable for huge logistic applications. Also specific applications develop more and more in this technology, which advantages are appreciated even here.

DYNAMIC Systens produces a RFID-Transponder in high-quality for a huge automotive deliverer, which are applicable in the production and logistic of seat- and steering-wheel heatings. For this task a short-dipole-transponder has been chosen. It has s memory of 128 bit - huge enough to safe all necessary informations, like item numbers. The transponder is sticked to the component part with an adhesive, which withstands the specific environmental conditions. The transponder serve within the partially full-automated processes as well as item identification as well as traceability and guarantee at the same time a smoothly production control. Even further logistic sequences have been optimized due to the transponder.

At the beginning of the production, the RFID-Transponder, which is coded with a unique serial number, is spent on the item.
Firstly it is used for production control. By reading the serial number everytime the status of handling can be controlled and the current storage location of the item can be determined. The appropriate employee gets the recommended information via working stations along the assembly line if needed.

The logistical sequence during the production as well during the finishing simplify as well.

The packaging of the items is normally made in several bundles in one box. Due to the existing RFID-transponder it is possible, to check the amount and the serial numbers of the items in the particular box before delivery, without opening the box.