Improvement and rationalisation in retail

On the one hand the various printing offer of our Partner Zebra makes sure that goods are faster available in the store and can be sold, and on the other Hand customer satisfaction, customer loyalty and productivity of employees.

Storage rack management
When storage rack Labels must be changed or be replaced, they can be changed by the application of a mobile printer quickly and easily by employees. The employee does not need to go to the office, to get the needed laebls and the correctness of the labels can be guaranteed due to the transfer of the store system.

Price management
Due to the application of handheld Printer, no hand-written and hardly readable Labels must be placed on the goods anymore. Mobile Printer enable the employee to print Price Labels on site and place them directly. There is no additional way to the Office, so the productivity of the employee increases.

Often customers spend a lot of time, to find the right product in the store and employees have to spend a huge amount of time to explain the correct way for the customer or the bring them to the correct storage rack. The application of kiosks can e.g. Show an overview of the article Arrangement and additionally inform the customer about the disposability of the article.

Inventory management
Our Partner Zebra offers a wide product Portfolio of printing Solutions - from central warehouse to the entry of the store, for deliveries between stores or the delivery free house. At the same time due to RFID Technology articles on the delivered paletts can be identified automatically and the traceability and inventory update can be guaranteed in real-time. A faster inventory stockpilling and an improved storage is possible.