The chemistry sector is a very important industrial branch.

Next to the common production of chemicals, a huge part of chemical production is the manufacturing of base material for the industrial sectors pharmaceutics and automotive. Therefore an important cooperation between leading industrial sectors exists.

One of the biggest challenges is, that the identification solutions in chemistry sectors are exposed extreme environments and basic parameters. So the identification material must have a high resistance against dissolver and other aggressive chemicals.

At once the application of special lockout- and tagout systems, barriers and safety signing are indispensable, to guarantee the required standards of working safety. According to this specifications of the worldwide consistently GHS (Global harmonised systems for the categorisation and identification of chemicals) of the United Nations have to be fulfilled.

As system provider DYNAMIC Systems not only offers single hard- and software components, but also provides for the needs in the chemical sector adapted, extensive and customized special materials and complete solutions for identification and working safety.