Manufacturer companies trust on high-quality label printer


Reliable printer
Companies in the manufacturer industry need for their assembly lines printer, which print permanently on demand and are available. Zebra offers this quality and reliability with their high-quality printer of the Xi-series. They can be used in rough environments due to their robust construction and are applicable in nearly all manufacturer fields.

Unattended printing processes
For automated print- and applicationsystems ZE500-printers from Zebra can be applied. As reliable and performing as the Xi-series from Zebra, the ZE500-printers can be used for automated printing of huge amounts.

Industrial printer
For industrial applications in less rough environments, our partner Zebra offers a Printer serie, which is printing economical and robust with the same reliability and quality.
• Zebra 105 SL Plus
• Zebra ZM400 und ZM600

Typical label applications:
• Odette- and GM 1724-norm labels
• Identification of automotive parts
• Signs for car serial numbers
• Signs for the applications under the engine bonne