Safe access control thanks to RFID-transponder

No matter, if it´s about a entrance card for a football game, the encash of a voucher or the entrance of a access constricted building – the safe identification of persons and objects is omnipresent and of high meaning nowadays. Beside the adherence of legal restirctions the practicability and economy are important.

Especially the entrace control in rooms and buildings increases in importance. It´s getting more important, only to give authorised people access to building, departments and single rooms. In this field RFID-technology found its way already years ago.
In the new building of DYNAMIC Systems, which has been permeated in July 2010, such a safetytechnology has been installed and is successfully been operated.
All doors are equipped with transponder-readers, which only give way to those areas which the employee may access. All safety relevant areas are accessible for selected persons (e.g. IT-adminstrators). Of a problem appears, all door openings with a transponders can be proved. An external manipulation is not possible, because the reading stations are constantly supervised and do work even in the case of loss of power.
A further advantage is, that in the case of loss of a transponder the access can be locked immediately.

The programming occurs by an according software. It offers the possibility to assign individual access rights for every employee.

The DYN-HF-ID MAX50 approved in application

As a complement to the transponder, which are carried by every employee, the Multitag-Proximity-Reader DYN-HF-ID MAX50 as a transponder reader is in application. This reader is an elegant and cost-effective alternative to common access control systems and enables due to its fast ethernet interface an easy integration in IP-based network-infrastructures with CAT-5-cables. The AES-encoded ehternet-traffic guarantees additionally a high standard of system security and protects the access control infrastructure effective to attacks by audio monitoring and manipulation. Due to the open software-architecture and the compatibility zu other RFID-reader the tool can easily be embedded into different applications.
The DYN-HF-ID MAX50 is available of finery installation for in- and outside and offers offline-administration of up to 9.000 user. Beside the stand-alone-operation and the configurable result memory the reader offers a plenty of features. It is recommended for the application in business, industry and trade can act as a complex access control systems with widely distributed access points or can be integrated even for single doors in small and middle systems.


Additional Features

A further application possibility of the system, that is also used by DYNAMIC Systems, is in time recording. All accesses via main- and side entrances are captured and are allocated in the in-house flexible time program.  Via terminals respectively the desktop the employees can see their target / actual times