CoC (Certificate of Conformity) documents with security features

September 14, 2020

CoC (Certificate of Conformity) documents resp. EG-certificate of conformity are a detaillied proof of manufacturer, that the concerning vehicle corresponds the norms of EU and a approved type (EU-type approval).

There are included technical features as well as data from the vehicle, which describe the concerning model and are additionally necessary for the admission, e.g. measures, weights, wheel size etc. In difference of the registration certificates I and II the Coc-documents are more extensive and more detailled. They should simplify the admission process and cause less effort.

As certified security printing house our partner Schwarz Druck is authorised to create and produce those documents. To guarantee the counterfeit security of the CoC-documents several security features, e.g. water marks, holograms etc. can be integrated.