Chances and challenges for identification in industry 4.0

March 17, 2020

Our present economical development is characterised by a rising individualisation of products, whereas mass fabrication simultaneously must have more flexibility. The requirements for this process are an intelligent exchange and the cross-linking of research, production, logistics and customers. Already now production facilities are able to co-ordinate themselves independently and to organise processes among each other. In this process machines communicate with IT-systems and employees - as well in-house, but also overall several companies with customer-systems and suppliers. With this rapid growth of system complexity the significant characteristics within security-related applications must be guaranteed: reliability, security, data protection and user-friendliness.

With our product portfolio for the field of industrial identification we tackle the new demands of industry, like reliable labelling, automated identification and traceability and develop new solutions for upcoming challenges. The best co-ordination of required materials as well as hard- and software is the basic prerequisite and must be definied very exactly. A simple implementation into consisting systems has the same importance than a high degree of user-friendliness. At the same time it must be ensured, that barcodes, 2D-codes and transponder widthstand rough industrial enviroments but must be still readable reliably.

The best specification and choice of needed identification material in the run-up in subsequent is decisive for the successful production process and plays a significant role. Labelling and identification, optimised for production processes in industry 4.0 offer important advantages:
• The production becomes more individual, more efficient, more comprehensive and more reliable
• Increasing of quality and productivity
• Growth potential and competitive advantages
• Reducing of storage

We would be glad to find potentials and chances for your company, by optimising processes with co-ordinated identification and the application of new identification solutions. With 25 years of experience as system supplier for industrial identification we bring reliability, safety and efficiency into your flow of goods!