New: The versatile and user-friendly TH DH-series from TSC

February 06, 2024

With the new models of the TH DH-series TSC presents versatile allround printer, which find their perfect application in nearly every industrial field:  doesn´t matter if retail, logistics, healthcare, clothing or foo: the TH DH-series offers best and fast identification. Next to a huge selection of label formats, also different materials or special materials can be printed or processed.

With the TPS Care self-diagnosis downtimes will be reduced significantly withe the automated print-head maintenance and the effective ribbon-management.

With the perfect expansion options e.g. WiFi or cutting module the printers of the TH DH-series offer an ideal and reliable identidicatioidentification in nearly all industrial fields.

For further information please click the product site of the respectively printer:

TSC TH DH-220 (2 inch print-width)

TSC TH DH 220 THC (2 inch model for healthcare)

TSC TH DH 240 (4 inch print-width)

TSC TH DH 240 THC (4 inch model for healthcare)